This episode introduces  you to Ria Malva, a home birth midwife. I will be asking Ria all the questions that parents want to know when considering the option of a home birth in Finland. From worries about what happens if a transfer to the hospital is needed, to how much home birth might cost. We go into different worries and concerns that parents have including the mess at home, the safety of homebirth, the tools that Ria brings to the birth, having a backup midwife, and more… I hope that this episode helps you gain more information about this very legal and real choice that you have of a home birth. 
Mentioned topics: 
  • Common fears about childbirth and childbirth safety. 
  • Preparing for childbirth is more than just learning about physiology but also through body work, connecting with the body like dance and yoga
  • European statistics around childbirth at home
  • Talking about evidence based care and that not all of it is
  • The fawning response in addition to fight, flight, freeze
  • The criteria for being the client of a homebirth midwife
  • The importance of baby’s position
  • Partner’s support of a homebirth, how to support a partner who is hesitating
  • What if you don’t want to birth and home nor hospital? Other options. 
Show notes: 
2. Ria’s email address  
3. Ria’s website about homebirth safety and possible reasons for hospital transfer
4. Evidence Based Birth
5. Rachel Reed – Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage
7. Synnytys Syli – birthing place
8. Synnytys Kota – birthing place