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I am a birth & postpartum doula, social services professional, holistic wellbeing advocate and meditation guide. I work in English or German.

about me

Dear family!

My mission is to support families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is a very sensitive time in their lives and offers amazing opportunities for self development, spiritual growth and healing. I believe everyone deserves to have an empowering birth experience. 

Mother's Love

In childbirth a woman gives birth to a new human being and transforms herself in the process. 


I combine my expertise in the social field with my holistic understanding of wellbeing and health to tailor the ideal doula service according to the needs of my clients.


The transition from being a woman to becoming a mother can be something deeply transformative and an empowering experience.

Safe Space

I am there for you to create a safe space where this sacred initiation into motherhood can happen.



Here’s a quick list of my services for families and birthing people:

Helene is a very kind, understanding and perceptive doula. Her emotional as well as hands-on support with baby care and household chores made the magical beginning of a baby's life more beautiful and enjoyable. Her style is gentle yet resolute. I also benefited from her deeply relaxing and restorative 'move on' moves.
Aradhana Tomashevskyi
Having Helene's support during the birth of my baby gave me self advocacy, peace of mind and the possibility to believe in second chances. After a traumatic previous birth, I could not imagine a peaceful, humane and mindfully aware birth experience. Helene's gentle touch, kindness, and serene presence gave me assurance that I was in safe hands. It was beautiful to witness how my safety was a priority with each contraction that finally led to a lovely birth experience. Helene proved to be a wonderful advocate for when I may not have had the energy to speak up for myself and she made sure that my wishes for my birth plan were taken into consideration throughout the birth process.
Nancy Anastasia, Helsinki

Let's hear more from you

I’ll be happy to hear about you, your family, your current projects, needs and questions. I love talking about my passions, so don’t hesitate and let’s have a cup of coffee together! 

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