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I am a mother, a yoga teacher, a perinatal Doula, a contemporary artist and the host of the Aquarian Mother Podcast. I specialise in gently supporting mothers both IRL and online, with tools anchored both in evidence-based knowledge and eastern spirituality and traditions, like yoga.

about me


As a perinatal doula, I provide support and guidance in all that surrounds birth, from preconception to postpartum…

I offer emotional, physical, informational and even spiritual support  to parent(s) who navigate the many changes that occur during this time and while providing non-medical guidance and advocacy throughout the process.

This can include helping parent(s) with fertility, navigating options when challenges to conceive occurs, accompanying the pregnancy, creating a birth plan, educating on birth preparation,  providing postpartum care like practical support with feeding, bathing, and diapering the baby, baby wearing, helping with household chores, preparing meals, tending to the (m)other, debriefing the birth, etc.

My goal is to empower families while they journey through this sacred period, so they can make informed decisions and be(come) confident in their abilities throughout pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum

The Aquarian Mother

The Aquarian Mother is a platform that offers yoga, individual coaching and doula services to support mothers  and mothers-to-be through all stages of their journey – from the preparation, the conception, the pregnancy,  to birth, postpartum, and mothering young children.

Why Aquarian Mother? Well, in kundalini yoga, we often talk about entering the age of Aquarius…

The aquarian mother is a visionary and compassionate parent who values kindness, service, and mindfulness. She encourages her children to approach life with an open heart and a spirit of generosity, and teaches them the importance of treating others with compassion and respect.


Kindness is at the heart of my work as a perinatal doula. I believe in providing compassionate and non-judgmental support to the new parent(s). I strive to create a safe and nurturing space for (a) new parent(s) to grow as they welcome a new member to their family.


I totally trust you and your body to birth and mother your child as you are mean to be. And if you trust me as your doula, I will make sure you also trust yourself!


Every parent and family are unique, and my support during the perinatal period takes into account their specific needs, desires and preferences.



Here’s a quick list of my services for families and birthing people:

"I had the pleasure of having Marie-Andree as a postpartum doula after the birth of my son. I knew Marie already before the birth and she came over a few times, helped me get the house ready for the baby, take care of things in advance which really helped me with some anxieties i had with this. 

We also cooked (or Marie cooked while I sat and watched) to freeze in advance. After the birth, Marie's visits allowed for so many things in our family. My husband could leave with our older child, knowing that someone was with me at home, we knew we would have a warm meal ready that day, I received a massage, the laundry would be done. The practical and emotional support that Marie gave me and our entire family was exactly what we needed in the first and extremely important 6 weeks of our life as a family of 4. 

Even though I had family support, I decided to take a postpartum doula once a week to give myself and us a different kind of care that i felt my family couldn't give. The perspective of a non-family member is different and I wanted that for us as well. 

I am so grateful for the visits we shared with Marie-Andree and for the part that she played in my postpartum recovery and healing. Thank you Marie. "

Danielle, Espoo

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