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I am a certified breastfeeding consultant, prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher and doula. 

about me

Hola family!

I’m Spanish and I’ve been living in Finland since 2019. I support families here like I did with mine: with love, non judgement and tons of humor. I have two kids who made me realize how much mums need loving support outside the traditional system. Therefore, I’ve trained myself as doula, yoga teacher (specialist in prenatal and postnatal yoga), baby carrying educator, certificate breastfeeding consultant,  traditional postpartum “closing” ceremonies and prenatal singing.  


Eyogadoula is my educational, supportive and meaningful project. I offer full doula services from pregnancy to postpartum, lactation guidance and yoga sessions.


Certified as breastfeeding consultant, doula and yoga teacher.

No judgement

Becoming a family is hard. I'm not here to judge you but to support you.


Let's add a bit of humor to this journey. Laughing boosts oxytocin!



Here’s a quick list of my services for families and birthing people:

Having Maria as our breastfeeding consultant helped to feel more secure about myself and fixed all our initial troubles. I couldn't have ever imagined I will have breastfeed my son for +1 year!
Breastfeeding consultant opinion Helsinki
I was looking for a birth doula who supported my choices and helped with my fears. María was amazing thanks to her supporting and non judgemental approach. Her postpartum package is also a must have for all families. I recommend it to all my friends now.

Let's hear more from you

I’ll be happy to hear about you, your family, your current project, needs and questions. I love talking about my passions, so don’t hesitate and let’s have a cup of coffee together! 

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