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I’m a doula, Usui Reiki Master, Sacred Space Doula Trainer, Sacred Pregnancy Facilitator, Birthing from Within Mentor, Life to Death Transition Steward, Breastfeeding Facilitator and
StillBirthDay Birth and Bereavement Doula. 

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Hey family!

I trained as a doula in 2003 in South Africa while expecting my second child, Skyla. I had a previous birth by necessary caesarean after a unwished for interventive labour for my son Davin, so I was aiming at having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). Upon having had a successful natural waterbirth with my daughter I decided to follow my bliss and become a doula. I trained in the U.S. (2004, 2007, 2010), with Pam England, to become a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and educator. My time in Finland has also been put to good use. I began my Nursing Degree and qualified in 2017.


I am a mother/parenthood mentor and alternative healer honouring the age-old tradition of women/people supporting women/people in various rites of passage through life. I hold workshops and courses for Doula trainees, birth professionals, mothers/parents and partners. All offerings are in English or Italian with limited Finnish capabilities. I am currently proud to offer my services through .


A variety of trainings gives me a complete approach to support your journey. From early pregnancy to early postpartum, I can walk along side you, supporting you, offering you information and my experienced knowledge.


I love this work and have been doing it since 2003. I bring passion to all I do, in my treatments and to each one of my unique births. For me there is no better work than what I do.


I provide a holistic approach, and I support you in mind, body and soul. I work with you as you explore and discover your own inner power. I come along side you through whatever happens next.



Here’s a quick list of my services for families and birthing people:

Rosalia was my lifesaver during the birth of both of my girls. She provided us with so much information to make the experience memorable and listened to what it was that was important to us for the birth of our daughter. She gave both of us great physical and emotional support and the postnatal care was the reason I was able to continue breastfeeding for 2 years and become the mother I needed to be. I couldn’t have embarked on this journey with her 🌷 She loves and cares with all her heart and have become a friend for life. Thank you Lia for being an awesome person and Doula 😘
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Mariska Van Niekerk
The moment I met Rosalia I had the overwhelming desire to crawl into her arms like a child. Rosalia is naturally maternal and her strength and kindness bubble from her , along with her infectious laughter. Throughout my two natural water births with Rosalia and Sue King I felt strong and completely capable. Rosalia knew exactly what to do and I felt protected and loved throughout the whole experience. Rosalia is an Angel and I couldn’t be more grateful for this beautiful human that helped me with the birth of my children. Anyone who gets to have Rosalia with them at the birth of their child is truly blessed.”
Julie Matheson

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I’ll be happy to hear about you, your family, your current project, needs and questions. I love talking about my passions, so don’t hesitate and let’s have a cup of coffee together! 

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