what's the nest?

We’re an international doula collective working in southern Finland to provide information and support to foreign families expecting a child in Finland. 

This is what we stand for

We're passionate about what we do. We bring this passion to you in the different services we all offer. If we don't have what you need we will find out where you can get it. Our core principle is inclusivity, whereby you are accepted as you are, for who you are and what you ask of us. We deeply believe that everyone should receive support, irrespective of their culture, race, religion, beliefs, gender, sexuality or anything else that makes you who you are. Our deepest hope and what we strive to achieve, is to help families navigate pregnancy, birth and the postpartum, equipped with evidence based information. We also believe that all families should receive respectful and person-centred supported by their care team. We want all pregnant people to arrive at their birth feeling, prepared, supported and in full knowledge of their options.

foreign families support

We’ve been here for a while and we know what kind of things you could miss during your parenthood journey in Finland.
We provide what we missed, respecting your choices, with services ranging from conception until two years after birth.

real & updated information

In Finland sometimes it is difficult to find updated and concrete information about how things work for families in your own language.
We help to provide that information plus we respect and honour all cultural backgrounds and traditions.

your first community

In Finland, and as a foreigner it’s easy to feel lost and isolated.
We connect with families and also help connect families together so you can build a beautiful and strong nest of support.

The power of your unique birth

We believe in the transformational power of birth. Not only for the birthing person but for the entire family involved. We’re committed to being a part of the change toward respected and positive births for all. We focus on ensuring a safe space to protect mental health.

strong experienced team

We have the experience and training, but most importantly, we have the power of being a team. We learn together, we support each other and you, we can offer each other and you back-up options, and we trust in each other’s services, knowing that we offer only the best service and support we can.

Want to get started planning for postpartum?
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why the nest?

We want to hold you and nurture you as you prepare to spread your wings. We feel that a nest is the perfect analogy for such a place. We want you to feel safe and secure with us. We care for you from conception, to birth, and into the postpartum. We work for what we believe in, a safer birth and more supported family starting out in the best way possible. We've been there, struggling like you in a new country, with a new family member. We know what it feels like to not have a nest so we have created one for you. We know how overwhelming and difficult it is to find some support and comfort in this new journey. We are here to meet you, where you are at, with what you need, when you need it. We offer a judgement-free space that is inclusive to all people wanting our services. Together we can create a better world, one family at a time.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear!"
-Jane Weideman

Our desire as doulas is to be present to you and your needs. We are all trained professionals that have different backgrounds and all agree that we stand for you. 

All information shared with us is kept in confidence and will not be shared. Should you ever feel unsafe and need somewhere or someone to contact, we urge you to reach out and contact us. We will help you find a safe space and the resources you need to feel cared for and looked after.

46 years of experience as perinatal professionals

Together we have 11 kids 🙂

+42 years living in Finland

Together we speak 8 languages


We have your family covered. From psychology services to baby ceremonies. Breastfeeding issues to pampering massage. Support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You name it, our doula team is ready for it! We are waiting for you.


Birth and postpartum doula


Perinatal doula and yoga teacher


Hypnobirthing trainer


Birth and bereavement doula, childbirth educator


Birth coach, postpartum doula


Pregnancy, birth, postpartum doula, certified lactation consultant, yoga teacher


A few love words from our clients.

I felt safe. I was surprised in a good way about detailed advices on preparing for a childbirth and also great photos taken during childbirth! I would have never thought myself, but actually these are exceptional memories. Having a doula helps a lot to focus on your child birth and not worry about practicalities or anything else. The doula will solve it for you in a best way, at the same time giving you support and truly sharing every moment with you. I would recommend Chloe as a professional, caring and light-hearted person, being able to guide gently through the childbirth. I would also mention easy communication, which is very important!


about Chloé

The delivery preparation with Soňa helped me to mentally prepare for the delivery. I felt I knew what might be in front of us. I was able to support my wife better during our long delivery. Soňa was also great support in the hospital during the days leading to the delivery. In the last phase she was a saving angel helping our beautiful boy to the world. With her help we had a delivery that felt more “ours


about Soňa

Rosalia was my lifesaver during the birth of both of my girls. She provided us with so much information to make the experience memorable and listened to what it was that was important to us for the birth of our daughter. She gave both of us great physical and emotional support and the postnatal care was the reason I was able to continue breastfeeding for 2 years and become the mother I needed to be. I couldn’t have embarked on this journey with her 🌷 She loves and cares with all her heart and have become a friend for life. Thank you Lia for being an awesome person and Doula.




about Rosalía

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