Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Anu Lampinen, a seasoned midwife of over 30 years. Anu has worked as a hospital and home birth midwife throughout her career. She also has knowledge in Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as breastfeeding consultancy and postpartum recovery. In this episode Anu and I talk about what a positive birth means for the birthing person, what kind of changes Anu has seen in the Finnish birth culture and what she still hopes will improve. We speak about the importance of continuity of care and why it can make such a difference in the birth experience as well as how midwives can help facilitate this positive birth experience. We then touched on physiological birth and what you can do to increase your oxytocin in childbirth as well as what happens when we remove the pain caused by the oxytocin. We finish the episode off by giving you pain coping techniques you can try and practice, so make sure you listen until the end.
Show notes: