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I’m a French and English speaking doula with a strong focus on birth and postpartum support for all families. 

about me

Bonjour family!

I grew up on a goat farm, in Champagne, France. I gave birth for the first time in Winter 2012 and then again in 2014. My second birth helped me to understand that although we can’t control the unexpected, we can surround ourselves with loving support, we can educate ourselves, we can control our decisions, we can accept and adapt. The force is in us and we can feed it each day.


Birth is a major event in the life of a family. The support a parent receives during pregnancy and after can determine their future well-being. My Finland-based project, Ilmatar Doula, is named after The Kalevala’s goddess of the air and Nature. I support families on whatever informed choices they make, helping to create a secure atmosphere for birth and postpartum and work to awake the inner wisdom and power within each one of us.


I will provide the information that you need to help you make choices and navigate pregnancy, birth and postpartum with serenity.


I will bring delicious food to you during your postpartum, to help nourish you as you feed your baby and recuperate in your own nest.


I will be present alongside you, in your journey, no matter what. I am here for you, your partner, your family. Count on me!



Here’s a quick list of my services for families and birthing people:

"I felt safe. I was surprised in a good way about detailed advices on preparing for a childbirth and also great photos taken during childbirth! I would have never thought myself, but actually these are exceptional memories. Having a doula helps a lot to focus on your child birth and not worry about practicalities or anything else. The doula will solve it for you in a best way, at the same time giving you support and truly sharing every moment with you. I would recommend Chloe as a professional, caring and light-hearted person, being able to guide gently through the childbirth. I would also mention easy communication, which is very important!"
Opinion doula Chloé
Anna, Espoo

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I’ll be happy to hear about you, your family, your current project, needs and questions. I love talking about my passions, so don’t hesitate and let’s have a cup of coffee together! 

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