On this episode of the podcast I chat with Linda Tötterman, a midwife working at Lohja hospital. Linda used to work at Naistenkilinikka before Lohja and we got to chatting about some of the differences between these two hospitals. We touched upon the capacity, the amount of midwives there, the general approach and atmosphere, and much more. Linda shared her passion for physiologic birth and talked as well about the challenges that a midwife might experience due to the lack of continuity of care in the Finnish maternal care system – essentially supporting a woman whom she is meeting for the first time. In relation to this, Linda also mentioned how important and helpful it is for her when women have a birth plan to show and especially when that birth plan is visual. We talked about childbirth preparation and the importance this has on the birthing experience as well as the role of the doula vs the midwife at the birth. I hope you enjoy this really insightful episode with Linda and that maybe Lohja maternity ward could be for you. Thanks for listening to this episode, let’s get started!