Today’s episode is all about water birth! Johanna Honkanen has been working as a midwife for 17 years. She has been in the hospital and now has her own private practice. She is one of the leading midwives in Finland about childbirth and has been involved in writing the water birth guidelines and recommendations that are used in hospitals all around Finland. She also trains midwives and doctors in hospitals around Finland to be able to support water birth better. In this episode you will find out what those guidelines are, why the training is so important and the impact it has had, as well as the benefits of water birth for the mother and the baby. If you’ve never considered the option of giving birth in the water, this episode will definitely give you some food for thought. Thank you for being here today and let’s get started with Johanna.


Johanna’s website:

Evidence on water birth from the Evidence Based Birth website