On this episode my guest is Georg Macharey – a perinatologist working in the delivery ward of Naistenklinikka. Georg has written his PhD on the topic of breech presentation and is one of the experts in this field in Finland. In today’s episode Georg explains the different breech positions that exist and their implications for the birth as well as how the position is discovered. We spoke about what makes vaginal breech birth different from cephalic and what are some criteria that the hospital follows when advising for vaginal vs. cesarean birth for a breech baby. We then also spoke a bit about twin births to understand how the birth experience could be different and what are some important things to know regarding the positions of the babies. Thank you for being here to listen to this episode. Just before we get started, I want to invite you to our month Positive Birth Helsinki meetup which will take place on Saturday April 15th 2023. So if you’re listening to this episode as it airs you can use the link in the show notes to sign up. This month’s topic is “my birth room” where we’ll explore together in an intimate group setting what you can expect to find in a birth room in Finnish hospitals as well as the kind of environment that you might want to encourage to support the physiology of birth. Don’t forget to sign up and I’m looking forward to having you there. Let’s get started on this week’s episode with my guest Georg Macharey.


  • The different kinds of breech positions and how common they are. Frank, complete, and incomplete.
  • How these positions are established, based on hips and knees position
  • How is the presentation and position of baby discovered once we know it is breech?
  • Criteria advised for vaginal breech birth vs. cesarean
  • Twin birth and ideal position for babies