• On this episode of the podcast Rosalia and I speak about pregnancy loss. We touched on the emotional experience of families who are going through this, what are their needs and how a person like a bereavement doula can meet those needs. We talked about the terminology and the importance of the words we use, as well as the statistics on pregnancy loss. I had a real aha moment towards the end of the episode related to the experience of trying to conceive again following a loss. We finished the episode by talking about the Finnish system and what one can expect if something like this happens. 


    • Rosalia shares how she got into working as a bereavement doula
    • Why the use of the term pregnancy loss is important 
    • The difference between miscarriage and still birth 
    • How the term miscarriage could unintentionally bring feelings of self-blame 
    • How we are afraid to speak about this topic 
    • The statistics of pregnancy loss
    • How birth and death are being removed from the community into the hospital where it’s isolated and clinical rather than community based
    • What the emotions that families are dealing with in this time depending on the kind of experience 
    • What is the kind of support that families really need at this time
    • What someone who has experienced multiple losses could be feeling
    • Listen to the aha moment i had when talking about attaching ourselves to a new pregnancy at the early stages
    • How a bereavement doula like Rosalia can help support and meet the needs of the grieving family 
    • The added benefit of having a birth doula from early on in pregnancy or before conception 
    • Similarities between birth and death 
    • Understanding what happens in the system in Finland to be able to make educated decisions about your experience 
    • The importance of educating yourself and asking for services to support your experience