Welcome back to this episode of the podcast with Laura Laitala, organizer and instructor at the Loru Leikkipuisto inside Oodi. Laura came on the podcast to introduce the concept of Leikkipuistos (playgrounds) to any foreign parent who doesn’t know it. We spoke about the history of the playgrounds, what you can find there, why the instructors could be a great person of contact to have for any family issues or challenges, and why the playground itself is such a fantastic place for families to gather, meet, and spend their mornings. The playgrounds are wonderful places for families with children of different ages as the activities they provide really cater to a wide range. Have a listen and hopefully you’ll find a service that will benefit you as well! All the services of the Leikkipuistos are for free and (most) do not require you to sign up. Thank you for being here and let’s get started. 


  • The closure of playgrounds in Helsinki between Jan-May 2023 
  • Easy to join activities at Loru playground 
  • The history of the playground activities that is unique to Helsinki 
  • The different types of activities that you can find at the playgrounds 
  • The playground staff can be an info center to help guide parents and a be a place to find resources 
  • How to spot the playgrounds in Helsinki even though it might look like a daycare