Welcome to episode 38 of the podcast and the second episode in my mini-series of solo episodes about postpartum. This episode is dedicated to newborn mother and newborn baby needs and expectations. I’ll be explaining what new mothers need and what is found across several traditions and cultures that is in common to postpartum care. You’ll find out how you can plan your postpartum around those needs and why that can make a great foundation to a postpartum plan. The second part of the episode talks about the baby’s biological expectations of life outside the womb in the fourth trimester and helps to normalize typical newborn behavior. When parents know and understand typical or expected behaviors and needs of newborn mothers and babies, they can rest assured in the normalcy of the experience without second guessing themselves or feeling that they are doing something wrong. This episode is here to encourage you and normalize your experience. Let’s get started. 


Mentioned topics:

  • The 5 universal postpartum needs
  • How to prepare to meet those needs 
  • Examples of questions to ask yourself as you plan for postpartum
  • The expectations of newborn babies, the biological needs of babies
  • The ways in which newborn babies bond with an attachment figure
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of newborn babies helps parents know what is typical behavior 
  • What parents can do to help the baby feel calmer and meet the biological expectations in the fourth trimester