In this episode of the podcast I talk about using mindfulness in parenting. This is the third and last episode in my mini-series of solo episodes that have focused on postpartum and parenting. Mindfulness has been a big teacher in my mothering and I love sharing that with other parents! I spoke about what mindfulness could look like at the different stages and phases of parenthood and how we could put them into practice. I shared about how my baby’s sleep was a big opportunity for me to practice mindfulness and why I feel that it is exactly that, a practice. Join me on this episode to find out about this really important parenting tool, or superpower, that I believe plays a big part in enjoying your mothering and parenting. 

Mentioned topics: 

  • Mindfulness at each stage of the parenting journey 
  • How labor gives us the lessons we need to have for parenting 
  • Parenting as an ideal time to practice mindfulness 
  • Parenting invites you to be a child again, they invite us to join them in the present moment