On this week’s episode we’re having Anna Perälä back on the show to talk about her other passion – homeopathy. Anna is a homeopathic birth doula who introduces us to the world of homeopathy. In this episode we debunk some myths about this healing modality and I have to say that it made me curious! Anna explained the basics and origins, the importance of looking and treating the person as a whole, as well as how it can support each stage of the parenting journey from conception through to the postpartum. Anna gave us some of her favorite remedies and told us where you can buy them here in Finland. We touched upon the skepticism which some may have towards this modality and looked at some research findings as well. If you have a strong opinion about homeopathy but actually quite little knowledge, I warmly invite you to come with an open mind and get curious! I love adding more tools and learning about new ways to support myself and my family, and this is the reason I brought Anna to the show to talk about this topic! Before we get started, I wanted to share that this episode will be the last one before I take a little Christmas and New Years break. I will be back with new episodes on January 9th, 2023. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes of this show, this is your chance to catch up before the new content comes out! Go back and listen from the beginning because the guests here have really been special! So now, let’s welcome Anna Perälä  back on the show for this episode about homeopathy. 


Topics mentioned: 

  • The basics of homeopathy and the origins of it
  • The importance of treating the person as a whole when using homeopathy
  • How homeopathy can support the parenting journey from conception to postpartum 
  • Anna’s favorite remedies for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum 
  • Where to find homeopathic remedies
  • What is inside the remedy and how it is made
  • Evidence for homeopathy and efficacy 
  • How to understand and look at homeopathy research studies