Welcome back to the Birthing in Finland podcast and to today’s episode with our nest doula Maria Fernandez! This episode will be all about breastfeeding in the early days of newborn life. You’ll find out what a pregnancy person needs to know about breastfeeding, whether or not you should prepare the body for breastfeeding, prenatal colostrum expression, the most common issues in the first weeks, and how to know if the baby is getting enough milk. We then moved into talking about getting breastfeeding help in Finland and asked the question where can people find breastfeeding support and when should they ask for support. I asked Maria a few questions about her role as a lactation consultant as well such as how long does she work with families, and how does she help with supplementing if needed. We ended the conversation by making a connection between postpartum rest and breastfeeding. Listen until the end to find out what that connection is. Let’s get started on this super interesting and important conversation!
Show notes: 
1. Maria’s Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/eyogadoula/
3. Finland’s breastfeeding peer support charity https://imetys.fi/
Mentioned topics: 
  • What does a pregnant person need to know about breastfeeding?
  • Should you prepare the body for breastfeeding in any way?
  • Prenatal colostrum expression – should you do it?
  • The first days of breastfeeding, what are the most common issues?
  • Searching for the nipple and getting the search reflex
  • How to know that the baby is getting enough milk
  • How can someone get help with breastfeeding in finland?
  • How does a lactation consultant help with supplementation?
  • How a lactation aid works
  • Hhen to ask for help
  • How long can a lactation consultant help the family?
  • The connection between resting in postpartum and breastfeeding