Welcome to my conversation with Hanna Grankvist. Hanna is a birth and postpartum doula as well as a babywearing instructor living right here in Finland. Hanna is also so gifted and talented that she weaves her own baby carriers made locally under the name of Tyykityy. In our chat we talk about the importance of choosing an ergonomic carrier and how to spot if it is indeed ergonomic, why you might need more than one carrier for your family, and how you can continue to wear your baby also through the harsh Finnish winters. Hanna then tells us in more detail about how she makes her very own carriers as well as about a babywearing association that holds gatherings where you can ask your babywearing questions and try out new carriers before purchasing – how convenient.
Show notes:
1. Hanna’s Instagram – Tyykityy https://www.instagram.com/tyykityy/  
2. Babywearing association “Kantoliinayhdistys” – supporting volunteers list – https://www.kantoliinayhdistys.fi/kantaminen/tukihenkilot-ja-kantovalinelainaamo/ 
3. Facebook group – babywearers in Finland – look for upcoming dates of babywearing cafe – https://www.facebook.com/groups/kantoliinatjakantoreput/?ref=share
4. Sign up for Oct 15th Positive Birth Helsinki meetup – https://mailchi.mp/648e302327d5/positivebirth