On today’s episode I share with you my conversation with Gabriela Ariana. Gabriela is an ecological artist, body therapist, ecosomatic practitioner, dancer and singer. She has been working with mothers and women on their feminine journey for over 20 years. Gabriela also trains postpartum doulas right here in Finland together with Anu Lampinen who has also been a guest on the podcast. In our conversation today we dive into the path of motherhood. We talk about the way motherhood is seen in our culture and society, the disconnection of that definition from our sexuality, why motherhood can be a gate towards self realization, and so many more amazing and mind opening pieces. It is a long episode but it’s filled with many personal stories and examples, as well as deep issues and topics that are so fascinating for anyone interested in the path of motherhood and the identity shift that follows. Gabriela offers a really unique and deep perspective into the transformation to motherhood and I am so happy to bring this conversation to you today. Have a listen until the end to hear the beautiful poem that Gabriela shares – a poem which she wrote to her second child while still pregnant. Let’s get started.
Show notes: 
1. Gabriela’s email juurakonvoima@gmail.com 
4. Book: Reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage by Rachel Reed https://g.co/kgs/KJvoDV 


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