Welcome back to the Birthing in Finland podcast! Today I am talking about a topic I love so much – conscious parenting. My guest is Clara Vazquez, a conscious parenting guide and psychologist who facilitates conscious parenting trainings right here in Finland. In this episode we explored how conscious parenting is actually much more about discovering who we are more than about our children, why it’s a philosophy more than a method, how the way in which we were parented influences the way we parent, why emotions are a compass in our life. We explored together the question whether conscious parenting spoils your child and what that even means to begin with, how one of our most basic needs and kids and humans is unconditional love, as well as the importance of play in helping parents connect with their children’s interests and internal world. We ended up also talking about the “witching hour” and giving it a slightly new perspective you may have not heard before so make sure you listen till the end to hear our take on it. If you find yourself interested, you can email or send a WhatsApp to Clara to get on the waiting list for the course. She will explain more about it in the episode. Are you ready to explore a perhaps new philosophy of parenting? To look deeper into yourself as a child and now parent? If anything comes up for you from listening to this, please send me a DM on IG and we can explore it more together. Let’s get started on this episode about conscious parenting with Clara Vazquez.
Show notes:
1. Clara’s email: clara.vazquez@trapesa.com 
3. Clara’s WhatsApp: +358 40 7295355
6. Aware Parenting instructor page http://www.awareparenting.com/instruct.htm 
7. Books by Aletha Solter: http://www.awareparenting.com/books.htm
8. Dr Shefali website: https://www.drshefali.com/