On today’s episode I’m bringing you my conversation with Anna Perälä, a doula, homeopath, reiki healer, clinical hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner. Anna lives in Seinäjoki and has been supporting both Finnish and international families. Anna has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share but for today, we’ve decided to dive deep into hypnobirthing. Today’s episode is brought to you by Rosalia’s Pihlajasaari’s pain coping for labor 1hr workshop on Sep 1st 2022. This workshop will give you two proven techniques for pain coping, give tips to the partner, as well as much more. To find out more and register visit thenestdoulas on Instagram and send Rosalia a message.
Now back to the episode with Anna. We start off by debunking some myths about hypnobirthing and move into speaking about why it’s so important to practice the hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy. Anna explained what these techniques may look like and why they are quite effective. We ended off the episode by speaking about the importance of being the subject of your birth rather than an object and what hypnobirthing has to do with that.
In the episode i also briefly mentioned the work of midwife Johanna who was actually also a guest on the podcast on episode 17 so if you want to hear more of what we spoke about, definitely have a listen to that episode.
For now, let’s dive into this episode about hypnobirthing.
Show notes: 
7. Anna’s email: annaperala@protonmail.com