On this episode of Birthing in Finland I am going to tell you about a sweet little, almost secret oasis for parents at the heart of Helsinki. It’s a place called Albert’s Living Room and in this episode you’ll get to meet the main coordinator of this space, Olavi Karvonen. Albert’s Living Room is run by HelsinkiMissio, an organization with the mission to reduce loneliness. Olavi and I got to talking about the values of the place, how it started and how you can benefit from coming over there. We also talk about the importance and beauty of intergenerational interactions and why the volunteers there make it such a unique and special place to visit especially for foreign parents who may be living far away from grandparents. If you haven’t heard of Alberts Living Room before, then I’m so happy for you that you now have this amazing place to hang out in. Sharing daily life with other parents and adults makes parenting so much more enjoyable. So let’s get right into today’s episode with Olavi talking all about Albert’s Living Room.
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