On this episode of Birthing in Finland I will be speaking with the wonderful midwife Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen. Johanna has been working as a midwife for 25 years in the hospital as well as home birth setting. She is active in efforts to improve maternity services and is a passionate doctoral researcher.
Before getting into the details of the episode i want to use this opportunity to share some exciting things that are happening. On Thursday I will be starting the August group of Milky Mornings – a supportive mothers group for moms and babies in Espoo in the comfort of a cozy living room space. It’s for moms with babies under 1 year and we still have space for 2 more to join. You’ll get a delicious breakfast, a chance to meet other moms, and talk about everything that’s on your mind and heart regarding this massive experience of welcoming a new baby. If you want to find out more or to join us, then please send me an email to danielle@motherstransition.com
As I started to mention, in this episode Johanna and I will take you on a trip down memory lane where you will hear more about the unfolding of the birthing culture in Finland over time. What was it like before most of the births were in the hospitals and before neuvola nurses and birthing midwives worked in separate places. Johanna will also share more on why she thinks there should be a rocking chair in every labor room, and why midwives should be speaking to pregnant people about breastfeeding already at 12 weeks gestation. We also invite you to imagine the hospital as a castle, listen until the end to find out why this is such a great metaphor. This was an incredible interview, I hope you will love it!
Show notes:
2. Johanna’s email address: johanna.sarlio-nieminen@yebomama.fi