On today’s episode I’m chatting with Giuliano Valentini about communication and vulnerability. Giuliano facilitates a peer support group and a workshop through the organization Mielen Portti. The peer group is called “Men Talk” and is a safe space for men to openly discuss their struggles, and the workshop is called “Communication Talk” and is centered around non-violent communication. 
In this episode Giuliano explains about these two initiatives in more detail. We get to talking about the reason why men also need a safe space to talk about their emotions, how this can be very important as a father as well, as well as how both parents can pass down things from their lineages. Giuliano explains the foundations of non-violent communication and why he thinks it’s a way of life and not just a method. You’ll find out how to register to these two free groups at the end of the episode so stay with us until then.
Before we jump in, I want to mention that June 20th 2022 will be our last episode before a short summer break. As you’ve probably realized, July is a ghost town around here because everyone is out enjoying the 2 minutes of sun we have. Anyways, the next episode after that will be coming out on August 8th 2022. I’m waiting to welcome you back here with a whole bunch of amazing guests and episodes.
If you are pregnant and want to have a chance to chat with me some more, join me and the nest doulas online for the June Positive Birth Helsinki meetup which will be about dads and birth partners. It will be on Saturday the 11th of June 2022 at 10-12am. You can sign up with the link in the show notes or through The Nest IG page bio link. 
Show notes: