On today’s episode of Birthing In Finland I will be chatting with Laura Merivirta about breastfeeding, baby massage, and reflexology. Laura owns a private neuvola practice where she sees babies as well as helps with breastfeeding challenges, gives baby massages, and treats with reflexology. Laura is a qualified IBCLC which stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This means that she is well able to support unique and more challenging breastfeeding complications, and she has the most up to date information about breastfeeding research. In this episode, Laura and I talk about her journey to starting a private neuvola practice, what she can support families with in regard to breastfeeding, and how baby massage can help the little ones become more relaxed and feed more easily if their bodies are tense after the labor. Laura shares so many gems with us on this episode and she is such a great person to know!

Show notes:
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